Let’s talk about the Hard Sell…no, I don’t think so

Nobody likes commercials, except for Super Bowl Sunday, right? Thank God for DVR’s and google. Everyone knows the best advertisement is word of mouth. Unfortunately thanks to the invention of smart phones nobodies talking to one another anymore. So what we have left is a bunch of people on the internet trying hard to figure out a way to buy things and a bunch of people trying to figure out a way to sell it to them. So this is my version of internet word of mouth and I call it “Keystroke To Eye”, lol. This guy Peng Joon

Peng Joon

takes you from a WordPress blog creation to 12K in one month, all while on vacation from Malaysia to L.A. and the Grand Canyons. I just started using it and probably should be over there studying right now but I couldn’t wait to keystroke it to you 🙂 Have a great day!

Work From No Home

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